Automated Carrier Outreach​ for a $800 Bn Digital Freight Network Leader in the US


Supply Chain , Transportation , Logistics


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The client is a leading $800Bn digital freight network in the US. They move millions of truckloads around the country through a connected network of carriers. The automated carrier outreach solution implemented in partnership with ACL Digital improved customer experience and operational efficiency and provided a scalable foundation for future growth and innovation in the dynamic transportation and logistics industry.


Automated Carrier Outreach Overview




Automated Carrier Outreach


Manual notification processes were inefficient and prone to delays

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Periodically ascertain real-time tracking of driver location and estimated ETA.





  • Provided shippers with real-time visibility into shipment status, improving overall customer experience and satisfaction
  • Streamlined operations, reduced manual intervention, and ensured timely communication with drivers and shippers
  • Provided more accurate delivery forecasts, minimizing delays and optimizing route planning
  • Scalability and flexibility allowed the solution to adapt to evolving business requirements and handle increased transaction volumes
Automated Carrier Outreach Outcome