Automotive Cloud Platform for Vehicle Remarketing and Auctions




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The customer is a US based Market-Leading Digital Solutions company for making buying, selling and owning cars easier. Part of a US$ 20+ Billion entity, the client offers retail and wholesale solutions to the Automotive Industry including manufacturers, leasing companies, dealers and fleet operators, to measurably grow their profitability and asset value.

They also run the world’s largest wholesale Auto Auction based on trade volume with 140+ Auctions Sites located across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. They are a leading provider of vehicle remarketing solutions that connect buyers and sellers to the largest wholesale used vehicle marketplace and the prime global auction network.

Overview-Automotive Cloud Platform

The Challenge

To Digitally Transform and enable large scale transactions for its business and multiple users, the client required the following


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Mobile App

A digitally enabled multi channel remarketing
dealer portal & mobile app for expediting vehicle remarketing to speed up “Leased Vehicle” sales

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Sales Portal

A digitally enabled Admin Portal for defining
the sales tactics, backend sales ops, automated and manual pricing strategies

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Real-Time Transactions

Enable auto manufacturers, dealers, lenders and rental agencies to proactively manage vehicle assets and  investments through Real-Time Transactions

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Manage vehicle assets, inventories, investments through real-time, predictive models and Powerful Analytics



  • Helped manufacturers, dealers, financial institutions, and rental agencies enhance profitability by deploying a Digital Omni-Channel Experience Platform
  • Leveraged digital innovations to proactively manage vehicle assets & investments through real-time, predictive models and powerful analytics
  • 8Mn+ Vehicles Registered Annually
  • 780+ Auctions Weekly
  • 80k Participating Dealers Annually
Outcome-Automotive Cloud Platform