Backup & Recovery-Data Protection For a US-Based Provider Of Enterprise Backup And Continuity Solutions


Network Infrastructure


Product Engineering , Quality Engineering & Automation



As the forefront global provider of comprehensive enterprise backup and continuity solutions, specializing in backup appliances and cloud data protection, the client is the leading All-in-One Mid-Market Enterprise and MSP Backup Provider based in the United States. ACL Digital partnered with the client to offer Backup & Recovery-Data Protection to enhance the client's data protection strategy, ensuring the integrity and seamless recovery of critical data for their business operations.

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Support monthly releases


Support monthly releases of the product by reducing QA regression time

Reduce time on setup deployments and maintenance


Reduce time on setup deployments and maintenance

Performance benchmarking for each release


Performance benchmarking for each release


QA services for the Backup appliance and Data


QA services for the Backup appliance and Data protection software (on-premises & cloud)

Golang-based framework to facilitate


Golang-based framework to facilitate the transition of the product roadmap to Golang as the primary development platform





  • Testing efforts for OS and virtualization certifications were streamlined, resulting in an 84% reduction in resources and time
  • Automated regression testing yielded a substantial ~78% reduction in testing time per monthly release, ensuring efficient and reliable updates
  • Efforts for setup deployments were significantly decreased by approximately 70%, enhancing agility in adapting to system changes
  • Manual testing efforts for performance benchmarks were reduced by 75% for more accurate and consistent performance evaluations
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