Developed a Conversational Cloud Platform​ for a US-based Conversation Intelligence Provider


Network Infrastructure


Product Engineering


The client is a market-leading conversational intelligence provider empowering sales and marketing teams to seamlessly integrate digital and offline channels to meet modern customer expectations. Through the adoption of a modern cloud platform and innovative technologies, our client not only enhanced operational efficiency and reliability but also positioned themselves to capitalize on emerging market opportunities, driving sustainable growth and competitiveness in the conversational intelligence sector.


Conversational Cloud Platform-Overview




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Existing call analytics solution was outdated, monolithic, and unable to scale 

Developed a Conversational Cloud Platform Icon


Persistent Outages led to High Operational Expenses 


Developed a Conversational Cloud Platform Icon


Niche Functionality lacked monetizable APIs

Developed a Conversational Cloud Platform Icon


The data science team struggled to train and test new ML models




  • Facilitated seamless growth, accommodating increasing workloads without compromising performance
  • Significant reductions in operational expenses
  • Unlocked new opportunities for revenue generation, diversifying income streams and driving business growth
  • Improved Innovation by rapidly introducing new features and enhancements, staying ahead of market trends
Developed a Conversational Cloud Platform Outcome