Integrated Risk Management Platform for a US-Based Risk Management Software Leader


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance


Platform Engineering


The client is a North American startup providing risk management, cybersecurity, and business continuity plan services. They wanted to develop an integrated web application for risk and incident management and a business continuity solution with improved application usability and reduced loading time for legacy modules. ACL Digital developed a Cloud (SaaS)-based web application with regulatory compliance, business continuity, risk management, and incident management modules featuring an intuitive UI/UX.


Integrated Risk Management Platform Overview




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Absence of an end-to-end risk management solution for handling a high volume of risk assessment data

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Inability to improve application usability and decrease the loading time of legacy modules





  • Improved 80% of response time by optimizing 172 database tables out of 1530
  • Intuitive UI/UX changes expanded usability and the number of users by migrating them to a new version of modules
  • Improved application security with SAML and OAuth2-enabled login
Integrated Risk Management Platform Benefits