Hassle-free Access to Fresh Food through a Connected Freezer for a Leading US-based Manufacturer


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The client is a leading US-based retail chain brand that offers nutritionally advised and fresh-frozen food items. They sought a technology partner to transform their legacy freezer into a smart and connected system. ACL Digital developed a connected freezer equipped with advanced features such as real-time inventory monitoring, seamless cloud communication, and a user-friendly mobile app interface for customers to effortlessly operate the system.


Hassle-free Access to Fresh Food Overview




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Lack of modern technology integration in the legacy freezer system

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Inadequate monitoring and inventory management capabilities within the existing freezer infrastructure





  • Automated freezer lock/unlock, temperature monitoring, and inventory management in the freezer have helped the client improve logistics, food supply, and waste management
  • A scalable business model designed to install multiple freezers at various locations, enabling remote monitoring of food inventory in each freezer
Hassle-free Access to Fresh Food Benefits