DevSecOps Transformation to Secure Operations for a US-Based Organic Wine Subscription Company


Retail & e-Commerce


Cybersecurity Assurance


The client is an organic wine subscription company that sought to bolster their security measures, fortify their development lifecycle, ensure business continuity during crises, and optimize their infrastructure for high availability. ACL Digital partnered with the client to address crucial aspects of their IT infrastructure, providing tailored solutions that resulted in enhanced security, resilience, and operational efficiency.






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Lack of comprehensive security protocols, leaving systems vulnerable to cyber threats

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leading to potential downtime and performance issues


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 recovery plan that ensures business continuity 

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IDevelopment lifecycle inefficiencies posing significant risks to data integrity and privacy




  • Significantly strengthened their security posture, mitigating cyber threats and data breach risks
  • Improved resilience during IT infrastructure failures or emergencies, minimizing downtime and preserving operational efficiency
  • Optimized infrastructure into a highly available environment, capable of delivering uninterrupted services to end-users, even under peak loads or adverse conditions
  • Streamlined development lifecycle fostering a culture of security and efficiency throughout the SDLC
DevSecOps Transformation Outcome