Global Data warehousing & Analytics Platform Development for one of the largest professional services companies


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance





The client is one of the largest professional services companies with branch locations across the globe. The client was looking for a data  warehousing solution that could scale up to support the global finance team, dramatically reducing the time required to produce accurate  financial reporting.

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The Challenge



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Partners in the business were struggling with global finance and corporate IT to deliver on a need to overhaul data, reporting and process requirements for the finance team

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Being over budget and behind for more than 12 months, ACL Digital was asked to accelerate the initiative




  • Sarbanes Oxley product was delivered to more than 60,000 auditors worldwide
  • Recovered a failing initiative that was 8,000% over budget and 2 years late by delivering a working solution in less than 90 days
  • Facilitated a global rollout of the data warehousing solution and maintained advocacy and oversight with global finance for 5 years after production release
Outcome_Global Data warehousing