IPTV Services Platform Development for a European technology service provider


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The Client is based in Europe and is a technology service provider offering IPTV services. ACL Digital built an IPTV services platform with a self-care portal that is easy to manage by the end-users.

Overview-IPTV Services Platform Development

Customer Requirements


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Supports content providers to deliver content and help the content distributors (operators/ISPs) acquire content licenses and offer services to their subscribers

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Enables end-users subscribe to their distributors services and consume the content

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Helps content providers upload content, create product offering and view the consumption statistics

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Helps distributors purchase content from content providers, create their own products for end users and view the consumption statistics

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Supports centralized administration of different systems' content, providing a state-of-the-art customer care service and addressing the customer concerns by performing operations on behalf of the customer




  • ASP .NET: MVC, Web API, SignalR, OWIN, Razor
  • Async module (async/await)
  • Programming in C#
  • SQL Server 2014
  • Couchbase (both as document store and caching)
  • JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap, CQRS, Message bus (Mass transit with RabbitMQ), AngularJS,Less or SASS
Outcome-IPTV Services Platform Development