Simplified Payment Factoring for a $800 Bn Digital Freight Network Leader in the US


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The client is a leading $800Bn digital freight network in the US. They move millions of truckloads around the country through a connected network of carriers. By partnering with ACL Digital, the client overcame challenges associated with payment factoring in the transportation industry. The streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and improved stakeholder satisfaction underscored the initiative's success, positioning the company for continued growth and success.


Simplified Payment Factoring overview




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Ensuring prompt and hassle-free payments to drivers and carriers for shipment loads

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Integrating new factoring companies into the payment ecosystem 





  • The client achieved enhanced operational efficiency, resulting in quicker transactions and improved cash flow management
  • Drivers and carriers experienced smoother payment experiences, leading to higher satisfaction levels and strengthened relationships with the company
  • Simplified the onboarding process for factoring companies, reducing administrative overhead and enabling faster collaboration
  • Transparent reporting and analytics empowered data-driven decision-making and insights into payment performance
Simplified Payment Factoring outcome