TMS Integration Automation​ for a Leading $800Bn Digital Freight Network in the US


Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation


Product Engineering , Data & Intelligence


The client is a leading $800Bn digital freight network in the US. They move millions of truckloads around the country through a connected network of carriers, saving shippers money, increasing drivers' earnings, and eliminating carbon waste. By partnering with ACL Digital, the client leveraged a comprehensive tech stack to automation and integration and significantly improved operational efficiency, scalability, and competitiveness within the logistics industry.


TMS Integration Automation overview




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The digital freight platform needed an automated bidding process for freight shipments

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Absence of a streamlined appointment scheduling process 


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Lack of automated systems for invoice tracking and processing payments 

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Required seamless integration with major Transportation Management System (TMS) portals 




  • Streamlined operations, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency
  • Enhanced connectivity and interoperability, enabling smoother communication and data exchange between systems
  • Informed decision-making, leading to better outcomes and resource optimization
  • Enhanced competitiveness within the industry, offering faster and more responsive services to customers
  • Cost savings by reducing manual labor and minimizing errors
  • Launched 25+ automations that process 100K+ opportunities daily​
  • End-to-end ownership ensured accountability and transparency
TMS Integration Automation outcome