Hybrid Workforce Model is the Future of Work

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June 29, 2021


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The hybrid workforce model is the need of the hour where business organizations and their folks find ways to work together and deliver results effortlessly. The remarkable move to be living and dealing things over the internet has transformed the enterprise landscape in irreversible ways. Many industry experts have opined that the extraordinary technology revolution or transformation is driven by the cloud, and the digitalization of business models are influencing the new normal. Every workforce needs a different type of engagement to deal with resources, and this is where Workplace from Facebook comes into the picture.

The Hybrid Model is Here to Stay

Last year, the demand for office furniture was at an all-time high, the hybrid model presumes that working remotely is as secure and as easy as working in the office. Thanks to telecommunication, the hybrid model with only limited office presence will help employees recover from months of confinement. But the big question that remains is how businesses enhance and develop collaboration in the workplace at home? Well, the answer is quite simple. ACL Digital, with Facebook, brings the future of the workplace to organizations that want to leverage Digital in an integrated structure to allow both enterprise-wide and intra-team communications reducing the distance between people.

Presently, for many businesses with employees returning to work, work throughput/efficiency and wellbeing are the two biggest priorities:

  • Emphasis on the business continuity in a safe and secure manner
  • Get understandings from real-time data for quicker, more precise, automated workplace safety and health methods
  • To make sure the safety of employees and the clients they interact with regularly

Just as we speak about the innumerable benefits Workplace has to offer, one should not forget that getting the employee experience right for hybrid teams is of utmost importance. The coronavirus pandemic in India and the world has only fast-tracked the onset of a new era in which hybrid workforces, a combination of frontline employees, office, and remote will be the new normal. Many must not forget that when business organizations proactively adopt different requirements, everyone can thrive and succeed.

Why Choose Workplace by Facebook?

By devoting part of their time working remotely and another part of their time at an office, employees can now be more flexible and socialize without having to sacrifice either. When business leaders incorporate hybrid, they can build an employee experience that improves productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Also, it is never too late to catch up with fast-moving organizations that use live video to connect with their hybrid teams.

With thousands of businesses making use of this professional collaboration platform, Workplace by Facebook has more to offer features when used appropriately, can make significant changes in the way project teams work. Below are some of them:




Work will never be the same as the nature of work will be hybrid for some more time. Technological innovations have given people the capability and power to work from anywhere and anytime.

In the past few years, ACL Digital has set the application globally to most of their workforce and a recognized Workplace from Facebook partner in enabling global organizations to adopt the benefits with a consultative approach that enables them to solve many challenges. We are continuously working to provide you with the right solutions you require for the new normal and make it easier to get the right results to get the job done successfully.

Learn how to prepare for the hybrid work environment with Workplace from Facebook.

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