The New Corporate Culture: Separated by geographical barriers, connected by Workplace

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October 28, 2020


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The Covid-19 outbreak has severely affected different aspects of human life as well as business world, including health, economy and markets. One of the biggest visible impacts of the coronavirus pandemic has been on the way organizations work and has led to the greatest workplace transformations. With employees working from home and logging in remotely from different locations, the HR teams had to step up to transform brick-and-mortar offices into virtual workplaces to adapt to the changing working practices.

In times of uncertainty and emergency like these, Workplace by Facebook has proved to be a boon for HR Managers enabling them to do their job more effectively and efficiently. Workplace can help the HR teams with the entire HR lifecycle, right from the recruiting phase and onboarding to recognition and retaining the talent you’ve worked hard to hire and train. Leveraging the technology behind the most popular social media platform along with user-friendly features, Workplace helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to transform communication, culture, and workflows, especially with a globally and physically distributed workforce.

Let’s take a look at how Workplace by Facebook can help the HR Manager simplify their tasks:

Easier, faster and more productive recruitment processes:

Workplace by Facebook allows you to add external people to Groups, share thoughts, files, and documents, leave feedback on candidates in nested comments, resumes, and headcount requirements, thereby making the interview and recruitment process easier and hassle-free.

Workplace Chat Bots is a great help in automatically scheduling interviews as well as sending reminders to the mobile devices of both the recruiter and the candidate. Our development team works across a number of chatbot technologies to automation solutions that improve productivity and drive adoption on Workplace by aligning your business, technical and user experience needs.

Polls and surveys made easy to understand employees better:

From gathering feedback and curating company resources like HR policy and help desk FAQs to creating meeting agendas, Workplace provides a central space to run a quick poll, gather views, comments and feedback for any initiative. This also helps to establish an effective communication and connect between people from top to bottom of the ladder.

Hassle-free Employee Onboarding: Workplace:

Bots save the HR manager’s time by assisting them with onboarding by answering all the repetitive questions about leave policy, WiFi password, printer connection, filling out a timesheet, salary components and many such questions related to the organization’s work culture.

A Versatile Platform for Employee Recognition and Felicitation:

Employee appreciation forms an essential part of the human need at workplace. When management shows appreciation for the good work or effort of the employees, it not only helps in motivating employees but also in retaining them. Workplace offers a versatile platform to help you recognize and value the contribution of your employees.

Facilitating Mentoring Program:

Another way to show appreciation for your employees’ performance and contribution is by assisting your employees with a mentoring program. Workplace by Facebook can be your perfect partner to facilitate such mentorship programs. Workplace has private Groups feature that allows HR Managers to provide a secure platform for mentors and mentees to make the most of such programs.

Supporting Employee Retention:

Employee retention helps in motivating the employees to have a long and fulfilling relationship with the organization while contributing effectively. Workplace by Facebook provides a collaborative platform that helps with all the efforts required to retain employees, like encouraging and tracking employee engagement, providing performance feedback, and gauging the pulse of the employees about the organization and work culture.

Announcements that never go unannounced:

When your company’s intranet ditches you while making an announcement on company news and policy updates, the News Feed feature of Workplace can come to your rescue. News Feed ensures that key announcements and business updates don’t go unnoticed by employees. It also helps HR teams to gather real-time feedback and responses.

Tracking employee safety:

In an organizational setup, there are situations where HR teams need to establish connection with everyone quickly and ensure everyone’s safety. In such situations, Workplace is of great help as it allows you to send alerts to groups created so that employees can quickly respond sharing their status and seeking assistance if required. In the current pandemic situation, tracking employee safety is of utmost importance and Workplace has made it possible.

Workplace by Facebook: A perfect HR partner

With the new work culture, the dispersed workforce and nature of workplaces evolving within organizations, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a dire need to focus on ‘human connect’ aspect of the HR function. From tracking safety of the employees and ensuring optimum engagement virtually to dealing with leave requests, maintaining the culture of the organization intact, and enabling better coordination and communication between teams, the HR teams has a lot to do and Workplace can be a perfect aid to help them achieve it all with ease. Keeping dedicated business goals in mind and leveraging product development experience & domain expertise, ACL Digital with Workplace builds highly sophisticated, intuitive chatbots and automation for collaboration tools to achieve seamless performance across all major channels and platforms. 

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