Building an Intelligent Enterprise is crucial for product innovation, delivering personalized customer experience, maximizing operational efficiency, and achieving other business goals. 

Data, analytics and AI are the key components to building an Intelligent Enterprise. Building an Intelligent Enterprise comes with challenges in terms of data management, data integration and applying the right analytics or Artificial Intelligence techniques for delivering accurate output.

Data & Intelligence Overview


ACL Digital has three main categories of offerings to address the customer requirements

Data Platform Engineering
Data at heart whether it is Big or Small. ACL Digital’s Data Platform Engineering offers services from data modernisation to data monetization. Our data strategy experts will help your business team to define the data transformation journey. Our data monetization framework helps identify, nurture, evolve data or
data-based products and extends your organization's product offering with data-driven services.
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Analytics & Business Intelligence
ACL Digital's Analytics & Insights solutions identify emerging trends, data patterns and consolidate insights from a vast range of enterprise data. Transform data intelligence into easy to interpret, efficient and actionable swift insights and visualization solutions like embedded BI, conversational, Q&A, and augmented intelligence.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
ACL Digital’s AI, ML and RPA solutions enable smart automation and drive accurate results to make better decisions. Our mantra is to discover, innovate, augment, and amplify your application offerings by interconnecting and automating various processes to find new business insights.
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