Data Quality, the foundation to Intelligent Enterprise

What hinders seamless-unified data flow across all systems?  - The answer is, Data Quality

Data is everywhere, and it isn’t viable to make the most out of it without Data Quality. Data evolved to the king in almost every other industry, and the transformation and advancement it brought to different sectors aren’t just significant but game-changing. It has changed the way business works. High Quality Data (HQD) is essential for swift, trusted, and smarter decision-making.

An Intelligent Enterprise is where business processes are seamlessly integrated and digitalized, and the data movements are smooth, swift, and agile irrespective of technologies. The increasing adoption of technologies by organizations to enhance their competitive edge or achieve digital transformation goals determines the importance of data management. The emphasis on data quality (DQ) in enterprise systems has increased as organizations increasingly use data analytics to help drive business decisions.

In addition to leveraging the vital information about Data quality and Enterprise Data Quality framework with brief market insights, the whitepaper will answer questions flying around in the business atmosphere

  • What hinders seamless-unified data flow across all systems?  
  • What are the characteristics/parameters of HQD (High Quality Data)?
  • Why is the focus more on Data Quality in Digital or Intelligent Enterprises?
  • How to measure Data Quality?
  • And more
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