In the rapidly changing technology landscape, businesses are facing challenges in gaining the agility to suffice customer demands and keeping up with the changing trends while driving revenue growth. Organizations need to re-evaluate their strategies, transform the legacy approach, and advance product innovation to optimize operational costs, lower build time, and boost their app performance.

Adopting software product modernization services helps you provide a comprehensive user experience, become more viable, and stay relevant and competitive. ACL Digital works at the convergence of innovation, engineering, and design to help businesses rethink their product experience and modernize their portfolio.

ACL Digital is committed to helping businesses accelerate the modernization journey and attain successful digital transformation. We leverage a customer-centric innovation approach and emerging technologies to deliver the scalability, agility, and efficiency that tomorrow’s businesses need.

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Product modernization Offerings

Our Product modernization services include:

Modernization Consulting
With a meticulous evaluation of legacy products, we assist organizations in choosing the right modernization strategy, platform, and technologies.
Cloud Enablement
Creating enterprise-grade cloud solutions for coherent deployment of IT resources by effectively evaluating the existing landscape, re-hosting, re-platforming, etc.
Allowing teams to focus on narrower domains and attain scalability, availing seamless transition from monolithic to microservice architecture.
UI-UX Modernization
Augmenting product experience with the help of new-age design to create better traction and enhance conversation rates and customer satisfaction.