ACL Digital’s conversational AI platform, Leana, leverages automation and intuition and helps the enterprises to stay in touch through smart micro conversations that provide contextual, predictive and personalized experiences across different touch points in their journey. Along with automating the most mundane tasks like chatting with customers on tech support and gathering issue related information, it also is a great online shopping solution for the customers. For example, health bots can be of great help in providing health tips and suggestions to customers based on their health needs. From training the field technician on the latest products and updates to helping the sales team in explaining various products and services available to the customers for boosting sales, our chat bots can support and scale business teams in the best possible way.

Companies with huge customer base need to offer instant tech support to their customers to keep up the reputation by providing them with a personalized customer experience. Our platform is built using industry standards, opensource and commercial tools. ACL Digital’s home-built AI & Machine Learning capabilities along with pre-defined NLP functions, further enhance bots to be highly cognitive.

Overview_ACL Chatbot


ACL Digital’s platform leverages the power of 3 technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Conversational Engine to create highly conversational bots to understand each customer's intent.

Smart Decision Making

  • Bots with powerful AI & ML based algorithms that self-learn from past user interactions, conversations and context
  • Envision “a decision driven enterprise”

Rapid and Accelerated Development

  • Provides a rapid development and testing environment (with no software code)
  • Build industry and use case specific bots within an integrated environment

 Rich, Intuitive UI

  • A highly engaging user interface that uses rich smart widgets
  • Can generate response in image carousels, multiple buttons, and forms for input from users

Seamless Integrations & E2E Security

  • Integrates and fetches relevant information from CRMs, knowledge portals, ticketing systems, HRMS, 3rd party systems, web portals and, records using RESTful APIs
  • Enterprises can set access restrictions and manage custom bots
  • Supports for end-to-end encryptions
  • eCompliant with most federal regulations

Supports Multi & Omnichannel Paradigms

  • Available to users across websites, applications, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp and other enterprise communication channels

Real-time Analytics

  • Integrated bot performance and usage reports across different channels in just a click.
  • Insights from failed interactions can be used for further training

Benefits Of The Platform



 Micro conversations

Deliver intelligent micro conversations and dynamic UI controls

Inbuilt user journeys

Inbuilt user journeys and industry specific vocabulary

Instant response

24X7 availability near zero downtime


Instant response

Instant response based on context, customer preferences, tastes and personas

fast track implementation

Repository of rich use cases to fast track implementation