5G Radio ASICs IP Development, Verification, Emulation and Top Level Verification of Complex ASICs


Semiconductor , Telecom




The Client is a leading multinational networking equipment manufacturer involved in design& development of 5G Radio ASICs. Our Semiconductor practice team contributed in thedevelopment of multiple components of 5G Radio ASICs. This includes IP Development(Ethernet, CPRI, RFIC Control & Digital Interfaces), Radio IO Control systems, 5G SoC ASIC Frontend, RF ASIC Integration and Emulation of Radio Baseband.

Overview-5G Radio ASICs

Value Delivered


  • Formation of a highly competent team with a broad expertise in 5G ASIC design, verification, SOC emulation and Top-level Verification
  • Faster product realization with lower R&D expenditure
  • Realization of a complex 5G Radio ASIC on time with better quality and performance
Outcome-5G Radio ASICs