AI-led Transformation for a North American Multinational Retail Chain


Retail & e-Commerce


AI, Analytics & Big Data



The Client is the largest department store chain in the US with a revenue of more than US $20bn. It is a destination for the best brands and the most sought-after retail products. The retail chain operates with 1,100+ stores in about 48+ states across the US.

Overview-AI led Transformation


The Client approached us with the following challenges


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Automation & data Syncing for 10,000+ servers in 1,100+ stores spread across more than 48 states

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Identifying the server failures owing to huge volumetric data & complexity due to manual client systems

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Irregularities in Monitoring Dashboard due to Incident alerts in the ticketing tool manually

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Lack of resources and cost efficiencies in identifying the root cause of server failures manually





The AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted monitoring transformation brings value to our Client’s business by decreasing the associated costs and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Outcome-AI led Transformation