Digital Transformation of the Podcast Business for an American Mass Media & Entertainment Conglomerate


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The client is a $35bn+ US based Mass Media & Entertainment Conglomerate with significant presence in the US and international markets in the development, production, and marketing of broadcasting, streaming and content businesses. It owns a premium content studio that works by leveraging the capability and scale of the client.

The premium content studio business operates in creating content for some of the world’s top organisations such as Amazon, Netflix, Youtube and others.

Overview-Digital Transformation Of the Podcast Business

The Challenge

ACL Digital has leadership expertise in providing cutting edge solutions in both business strategy and technology to enable digital transformation. The client approached ACL Digital to


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Build a global brand and digital platform which provides unparalleled audio experience in the Podcast entertainment market

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Develop a Podcast Portal to air the podcast series with multiple episodes

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Integrate popular podcast platforms such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc



The Digital Experience transformation enabled by ACL Digital helped our client bring the best in class audio and content experience to the world. ACL’s innovative solution helped the client with a swift go to market strategy along with a robust and latest digital technology platform that would help millions access and consume unique podcast experiences from across the globe.

Outcome-Digital Transformation Of the Podcast Business