Patient Connect – Platform Provided Seamless Patient Interaction and Experience




Product Development



The client is a leading provider of healthcare solutions and services for community hospitals, clinics, and post-acute care facilities. The healthcare software provider primarily focuses on enhancing the health of the communities, connecting communities for a better patient care experience, and refining the financial operations. Additionally, they provide comprehensive EHR solutions for community hospitals and their affiliated clinics. The client approached ACL Digital to develop a platform that enhances the patient experience through frictionless interactions. We worked with the healthcare company to design the system to offer a better and more coordinated patient experience.

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Digitalizing the patient.png


Digitalizing the patient registration process and automating the appointment scheduling through BOT

Accessing and handling volumes.png


Accessing and handling volumes of EHR records across multiple states and cities

Accessing patient records.png


Accessing patient records securely and enabling patients to complete the appointment procedures

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Developing new experiences to manage the secured collaboration between patients and the facility’s front desk

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To create brand affinity through the proximity of the design and technology-enabled experience with the company brand guidelines - aesthetic elements and engagement with the portal






  • Provided a robust look and rich user experience to the platform by decorating the frontend with an Angular User Interface
  • The unique application provides seamless patient interaction with healthcare facilities and to book an appointment of their preferred slot. The patient can upload their documents for processing, and they will also receive reminders about their appointment slots
  • The front desk portal helps the employees with the correct information and provides a better experience throughout the customer journey. Offers personalized and interactive way that ensures improved patient collaboration and experience
  • The solution helps hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions reduce no-shows or cancellation of appointments due to seamless patient experience
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