Data Centre Support For a Leading $212 Bn Energy Company in India


Retail & e-Commerce


Managed IT Services


The customer is a $212 Bn leading Energy Company based in India. ACL Digital has collaborated with the client to offer Data Centre support services to help them focus on core business while ensuring that data and IT infrastructure are well-maintained and secure, with optimal resource allocation & improved operational efficiency.






Lack of ticket handling process for L1 incident management


Lack of ticket handling process for L1 incident management

Lack of installation


Lack of installation & monitoring support for Data Center services

Limited Governance


Limited Governance and Operational Productivity


Service Level Agreement of services


No proper mechanism for measuring the Service Level Agreement of services

OS patching on Linux and Windows servers


Lack of OS patching on Linux and Windows servers





  • Achieved a Robust SLA-Driven Mechanism, Resulting in Streamlined Processes, Improved Resource Utilization, and Enhanced Service Delivery
  • Operated in 3 Strategically Located Support Centers, Ensuring Comprehensive Data Center Services Coverage
  • Successfully Managed and Maintained 20,000 Servers, Demonstrating Expertise in Supporting Large-Scale Infrastructure
  • Effectively Handled and Resolved an Average of 36,000 Monthly Incidents, Showcasing High Responsiveness and Technical Proficiency
  • Managed a Dynamic Environment with over 1100 Changes Implemented Per Month, Demonstrating Adaptability and a Structured Change Management Process
  • Implemented a Centralized Governance Framework, Ensuring Consistent Policies, Procedures, and Organizational Communication Management
  • Streamlined Workflows and Optimized Procedures, SOP Creation/Documentation, and Process Automation, Which Increased Efficiency and Reduced Manual Intervention