E-Commerce CMS Platform Development For a Leading Retail Service Provider in India


Retail & e-Commerce


Managed IT Services


The client is a large retail chain and has stores in all cities and towns all over India. ACL Digital engaged with the client to develop an e-commerce CMS to provide the best customer service and experience for end customers.


E commerce-cms-overview




Developed an E-commerce CMS Icon


Management of the inclusion of localized and season-related products in the search results

Developed an E-commerce CMS Icon


Omnichannel Commerce enablement

Developed an E-commerce CMS Icon


Overcoming complexities in product search based on GPS location, geolocation, preferences, and past buying patterns




Executed the POC activities during the lockdown and supported customers to launch the Web Portal, along with the mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms, within the pre-defined timeframe.

  • Mapped vendors by service area for streamlined service
  • Efficient Call Center support for order processing
  • Real-Time pricing data from major retailers and local stores
  • Empowered customers to select the best prices and delivery options
  • Personalized product choices from organized retailers and vendors
  • Vendor Platform empowered Product Management (catalog, price and promotions)
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