Developed an E-commerce CMS for a Large Retail Service Provider in India


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The client is a large retail service provider headquartered in Mumbai, India, and has stores in all cities and towns all over India. ACL Digital has engaged with the client to develop an e-Commerce CMS to provide the best customer service and experience for the client’s end users.


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Developed an E-commerce CMS Icon


Provide end-customer product search

Developed an E-commerce CMS Icon


Enable buying options to end-user

Developed an E-commerce CMS Icon


Based on parameters such as GPS location, Geolocation, Preferences, Past buying pattern, Localized products, Season-related products




Executed the POC activities during the lockdown and supported customers to launch the Web Portal, along with the mobile app on both Android and Apple platforms, within the pre-defined timeframe.

  • Vendors mapped to the Customer based on the service area
  • Call Center Support to process the orders
  • Pricing data sourced from major retailers, Kiranas mapped in the platform. Showcase the best possible price from Organized Retail, Kiranas
  • Customers to choose the best price and options for the delivery
  • For individual product customers to have the option to choose from Organized Retail/Vendors
  • Vendor Platform owns the Product Catalogs, Prices, and Discounts/Promotions
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