Miniaturization of Board Design with Cutting-edge Functionality for a Leading US-based Manufacturer


Industrial IOT


Embedded Engineering , Hardware Engineering


The client is a US-based engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in providing embedded computing solutions. They sought an engineering partner capable of assisting them in expanding their product portfolio. ACL Digital designed and developed a PICO-ITX form factor SBC (Single Board Computer) based on NXP’s i.MX8M quad-core industrial-grade processor. This solution was designed specifically for their OEM partners, enabling them to swiftly build applications.


Miniaturization of Board Design Overview




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Inadequate capability to design and develop a PICO-ITX form factor SBC

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Lack of knowledge in integrating NXP’s i.MX8M quad-core industrial-grade processor





  • Delivered an industrial-grade compliant solution with a miniature board design in just 18 weeks, enabling a faster time to market
  • Integration of the latest NXP module, equipped with high computing power, empowered their OEM partner to rapidly develop industrial applications
Miniaturization of Board Design Benefits