Enhanced End-User Support for a Cloud-Based Salon Software Solution Provider


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The client provides an all-in-one, cloud-based software solution for the spa, salon, and med spa industry. By collaborating with ACL Digital, the client improved support quality, efficiency, and scalability, which contributed to higher customer satisfaction levels, and strengthened the client's position in the competitive spa and salon industry.


Enhanced End-User Support Overview




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End-users frequently encountered queries and issues related to product functionality, requiring prompt and efficient resolution

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Ensure that Technical Account Managers (TAMs) possess in-depth knowledge of the software product 


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Maintain consistent and quality support services with a growing user base

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Ensure that support services were provided to minimize downtime and disruptions for end-users




  • Improved support quality and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced resolution times and minimized disruptions for end-users
  • Infrastructure became more scalable without compromising on the quality of support provided
  • Empowered TAMs, leading to increased autonomy and effectiveness in their roles
  • Strengthened customer relationships and improved customer retention rates
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