With a team of specialized engineers in physical design, DFT synthesis, and ST, ACL Digital can provide a one-stop solution for building all kinds of next-generation leadership products. We help customers accelerate their end-to-end product development with our extensive design capabilities.

Overview-Physical Design and DFT Services

Our Portfolio

Physical Design Services

Proficient in implementing complex ASICs in 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, 16nm, and 28nm.

Our physical design services cover the following:

  • Die-size estimation
  • Floor plan
  • Pad Ring & RDL
  • Partition & budgeting
  • Power-grid
  • Low power
  • Block/chip level
  • Clocking
  • Physical verification
DFT, Synthesis, and STA

ACL Digital has experience across various DFT Techniques like Scan, ATPG, Bist, and Boundary Scan.

Our DFT Service suite includes the following:

  • Scan insertion
  • Scan compression
  • JTAG, B-Scan
  • Physical aware synth
  • Timing closure
  • SI analysis
  • Formal verification
  • Low-power checks