Our expertise in software development from C++ to Java can build apps for both Android and iOS. Our embedded software team is equipped to deliver embedded application software and safety-critical embedded systems software across segments such as Automotive, Medical Electronics, Internet-Of-Things, Industrial Automation, Man-Machine Interface software, and embedded control software applications for handhelds on Mobile OS such as Android and iOS.

Software and apps

ACL Digital has proven expertise in the following areas

Linux and Windows OS Application Development

  • Python, GTK, and QT Based UI applications for Linux platform
  • Embedded C and C++ based applications for embedded devices
  • Media framework customization and Media streaming server /applications
  • Windows MFC/C# based GUI Application for Portable handhelds

Embedded Software Performance Optimization and Migration

  • System profiling to identify bottlenecks
  • Power and performance optimizations
  • Component tuning for performance optimization
  • Code optimization for low foot-print and faster boot-up

Application Development for Mobile OS

  • Android Application Development
  • iOS Application Development

Custom Application Development

  • C and Assembly Language-based applications for 8, 16, and 32-bit microcontroller and DSP based embedded platforms.
  • Customized / Optimized software application development with Low memory footprint for Standard and non-standard input/output based devices.

Enterprise Software Application- Web/Cloud

  • Web application optimization for low-performance systems in Java enterprise solutions
  • E-commerce applications, Content Management System (CMS) and web application solutions
  • Technical expertise in Java technologies and frameworks such as J2EE, JSF, Jquery, Spring, JBoss, and others
  • Database solutions based on Hibernate, JPA, MySQL
  • Embedded database Derby and Oracle, WordPress, Drupal are also part of our skills and expertise