ACL Digital Partnership with TSMC (TSMC DCA)

TSMC is a leading semiconductor foundry recognized worldwide for providing nanometer production capabilities, thriving innovation, and a wide range of products. TSMC has enabled the rise of the global fabless industry. Serving a vast and diverse customer base employing distinct technologies and manufacturing different products, TSMC achieves the utmost customer satisfaction. In collaboration with TSMC, our team foresees the design challenges and expands capabilities to meet stringent product requirements from customers.

TSMC’S DCA (Design Center Alliance) is an innovation platform that concentrates on-chip implementation and enablement of system-level design. ACL Digital works closely with TSMC to enable the fabless designer with TSMC IPs (including the latest PDK for its process and physical IP) used in customer designs. As a part of this enablement, ACL Digital has created a data vault (for TSMC IP protection) and a clean room (isolated work area) compliant with TSMC’s exacting standards. With the help of this compliance, ACL Digital can get new TSMC IPs within a couple of weeks to start a new design for customers (Normally, a 3-way NDA may take as much as 3-4 months to close with TSMC otherwise, thus shaving off considerable time from design cycle).

Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliances

ACL Digital Partnership with ARM (ARM AADP)

ARM is the world’s leading semiconductor IP Company that has become the driving force of the industry. ARM touches every aspect of the technology industry and leads by design while anticipating the future of tech. ARM achieves a benchmark of more than 200 billion ARM-based chips shipped with an approach to bringing ideas to life and transforming businesses. 

ARM AADP (ARM Approved Design Partner) is a design and implementation skill certification of the ACL Digital team by ARM. Through a rigorous 3-day audit process, they check ACL Digital implementation experience with ARM IPs, quality standards, and financial stability. Apart from this, ACL Digital’s highly qualified engineers are familiar with new ARM IPs leveraging the access to these IPs on account of the AADP partnership.

ARM’s support team also is available to guide the ACL Digital team if needed for specific requirements. Together, we strive to provide companies with a computing base to help them deliver performance-rich, highly scalable, and intelligent solutions for a secure digital future.