Digital Experiences today define all engagements that customers have across various channels with an organization’s products, services, or brand in both B2B and B2C industries. The customer is at the center of these experiences, and personas and customer journeys are driving purchase, adoption, consumption consequently impacting business decisions. Hence, it is not enough for organizations to just focus on the creation of products and services.

Businesses must capture customer needs, behaviors in real-time to define and deliver great experiences across all touchpoints, and transform internally with digital applications to help, reach, and serve customers. Digital Marketing provides the reach to engage, target and communicate the right messages through the right channels to the intended audience segments and create brand recognition, customer interests, leads, faster sales and loyalty.

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ACL Digital’s enterprise-grade Digital Experience platforms help enterprises achieve holistic digital transformations. The companies demand innovative and customized solutions with intuitive and meaningful digital experiences and a seamless end-to-end customer journey. Our range of Digital Experience & Innovation offerings include:

Customer Experience
ACL Digital helps businesses create a seamless customer experience by putting the customers, patients, internal users, or employees that all demand delightful experiences—seamless, rapid, secure, omnichannel, on-demand, convenient, and personalized.
User Experience Design
We design experiences across all touch points and develop and test ideas by creating prototypes, exploring details, and crafting compelling business stories.
Experience Portals & Platforms
We design and develop experience portals and platforms (PDX) for seamless business delivery and total experience (TX) that intersects customers' and employees’ Experiences.
Innovation Cube
Design thinking, Innovation, and Technology bring together the total experience. Innovation lab as a service, accelerators and frameworks helps our customers in their digital engineering​ and transformation journey.
Consulting and Strategy
Our expertise in the application of various Digital Solutions ensures a seamless transformation journey for our clients with digital enablement and successes.
Digital Marketing
Comprehensive digital marketing offerings to help businesses reach, engage, convert and enchant customers.

Design-led Digital Experience Transformation


ACL Digital partners with organizations to help them create 360-degree digital transformations within their entire ecosystem. ACL Digital’s DEXTRA (Design-led Digital Experience Transformation) approach ensures that customer journeys and design are at the core while enabling large Enterprises, SMBs, and start-ups to transform. Organizations can customize digital interactive interfaces and products to pace their transformation according to the business drivers and objectives.

ACL Digital provides wide-ranging digital capabilities covering

  • Digital, Business, Customer Experience and Product Strategy
  • Development & Architecture of Digital Interactive: Experience Design (UX), Mobile Apps, Portals, Chatbots etc.
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Customer Experience (CX) consulting & platform implementation