Modern branch offices need to be agile in adoption of increasing use of cloud-based applications, SaaS consumption, ease of management and evolving customer requirements .The concept of backhauling traffic to a centralized data center is required when applications and users reside there. But when the Enterprise users in branch offices and applications are hosting in the public cloud, backhauling traffic across hub-and-spoke network architecture increases security risk and vulnerabilities.

ACL Digital offers fully secure, Self-healing, Cloud hosted, and completely Orchestrated SD-WAN solution. SD-WAN solution establishes secure overlay tunnel between the branch offices, Headquarters and Public cloud environments. SD-WAN is simplifying how traffic is routed in the branch while enabling improved connectivity to the internet, cloud applications, and the data center. SD-WAN is rapidly gaining momentum as a cost-effective enabler of Digital transformation from hub-and-spoke to a direct-to-internet network architecture. The key features of the solutions are:

Overview-Secure SD-WAN and SASE
  • API driven centralized platform holding the WAN service abstraction
  • Supports peer-to-peer vCPE communications across the data-centers via dynamic routing protocol
  • Built-in IDS/IPS for internet breakout
  • Policy based routing for critical applications and effective bandwidth management
  • Automated One Touch deployment and Zero Touch service provisioning
  • Direct-to-internet architecture provides local connectivity for a fast user experience



Centralizes policy creation, distribution, and control for operational simplicity


Provides flexible security options at branch offices edge, data center, and in the cloud


Enables optimization of MPLS spend for lower TCO