Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution


Telecom Service





Headquartered in Brussels, Client is a $6billion telecommunication service provider. Client wanted to deploy and manage IAM solution for one of their enterprise customers having distributed IT infrastructure across Europe.

Overview-Identity And Access Management Solution

The Challenge


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Customer wanted to implement privilege access management solution

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Need for an automated password and privileged session management platform for secure access control to be designed

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Need for a platform that caters to all types of privileged accounts, ranging from local or domain shared administrator accounts to users personal admin accounts



  • Users can secure and automate all processes that involve privileged account passwords and SSH keys, such as discovery and management

  • Privileged Accounts Discovery and Privileged User Accountability

  • Recording and Playback of Privileged User sessions

  • Secure way to access applications and systems

  • Automatic password management on supported platforms

Outcome-Identity And Access Management Solution