Secure SD-WAN Solution for a Telecommunication Service Provider







Client is a US-based $130 Billion multinational telecommunication service provider providing an Open source based SD-WAN solution to Enterprise customers.

The key areas worked upon include:

  • Cloud Enabled SD-WAN gateway for Branch offices
  • Secure VPN access through internet
  • Policy enforcement and configuration management
Overview-Secure SD WAN Solution

The Challenge


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Enterprise customers of the Client were using MPLS connectivity to access the applications hosted in Datacenter from the Branch offices which impacted application performance

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Traffic was backhauling to Datacenter while accessing the applications hosted in AWS which created latency in accessing the applications

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Internet break out in Branch offices limited the performance of user access



  • Flexibility by implementing security as an overlay service rather than having to deploy hardware at the branch location
  • Cloud based SD-WAN gateway for security enforcement rather than routing the traffic back through Datacenter to reach a security appliance
  • Optimized Network performance and improved security
  • Hub and Spoke and Mesh Topology with Cloud-based internet break out services for Branch offices
Outcome-Secure SD WAN Solution