Secure Web Gateway Services for a Wireless Network Service Provider


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Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the Client is a $500mn company. Developing cloud-based Secure web gateway services, the client is a wired and wireless networking equipment and software provider.

The key areas worked upon include:

  • Google cloud enabled IP Sec VPN Gateway
  • Firewall as a services and Centralized Policy management
  • Device Monitoring and Device profiling
Overview-Secure Web Gateway Services

The Challenge


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Client develops Secure Gateway solution in Google cloud platform and needed secure web gateway services

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Establish secure connectivity at small cell location to VPN Gateway at GCP cloud

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Enable authentication and authorization for VPN users from Google cloud



  • Cloud-delivered Secure Web Gateway framework to deploy a future proof, scalable, carrier-grade IPsec VPN Gateway infrastructure
  • Breakthrough performance on industry standard X86 hardware and as a VNF
  • Customization of the Secure VPN framework to cater to all the client’s requirements in time
Outcome-Secure Web Gateway Services