Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution




Cybersecurity Assurance



A $100 mn Technology startup, the Client builds cloud managed network services platform, which is fully activated and managed from the SASE cloud.

The key areas worked upon include:

  • Cloud Enabled Mobile work force
  • Secure VPN access to BYOD users
  • Easy access to Connectivity layer from any Location
Overview-Zero Trust Network Access Solution

The Challenge


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Remote access VPN used by mobile users was experiencing latency while accessing the applications

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Traditional remote access VPN backhauling the traffic to reach the cloud

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Client wanted to host all the Network services in the Cloud by virtualizing the appliances and developing MDM tools for the BYOD users

Digital Experience Transformation Highlights


  • Cloud-delivered security infrastructure
  • Enablement of secure access to all applications, and maintain full visibility and inspection of traffic across all ports and protocols
  • An architecture designed to secure access to all applications with the protection against cyber attacks
Outcome-Zero Trust Network Access Solution