Digital Business Transformation moved users, devices, applications and cloud services to outside of the traditional network landscape. Network traffic patterns are changing due to the expectation of anywhere, anytime access to the network. Technology is emerging to deliver the security services closer to the users, applications, devices and data. The trust boundaries need to be extended beyond the traditional perimeter layer while accessing the workloads hosted at public and private cloud environment.

ACL Digital’s Zero Trust Network provides a comprehensive approach to secure access across applications and environment, from any user, device and location. It protects workforce, workloads and workplace.  Zero Trust is enforcing trust relationship of devices that are authenticating and communicating on the enterprise networks. Some of the key features of ACL Digital’s Zero Trust Network Access are:

  • Consistently enforce policy-based controls across users and applications
  • Gain visibility into users, devices, components, and applications
  • Get detailed logs, reports, and alerts to better detect and respond to threats
Overview-Zero Trust Network Access


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Secure access to workforce and workplace, as well as more insight into user and endpoint behavior across enterprise. It allows BYOD devices without compromising on security and configures, manages and supports every endpoint.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Grants right level of network access to users and devices while enforcing access policies for every application with adaptive and role-based access controls. Secure and protect privileged accounts and user credentials.

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Secure Web Gateway

Uniform protection for users at Home, Branch office and Head Quarters to help gain visibility across premises, cloud and remote access. Safeguard user access from anywhere to web and cloud services.

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Ensure only the right users and secure devices can access applications


Secure all connections within the applications across multi-cloud environment


Secure all user and device connections across the network