Enterprise Social Intranet Portal for a Global Engineering Group


Enterprise Social Intranet Portal


Digital Experience , Experience Design



The client is a Sweden based Global Engineering Group dealing in Polymer technology solutions such as sealing, damping and protecting critical applications.

Overview-Enterprise Social Intranet Portal

The Challenge

Being operational in more than 45 countries with the Sales associates widely dispersed, the global engineering conglomerate had the following challenges


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Sales force working in silos, hampering the overall performance of the company

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Lack of proper communication, knowledge & sales tactics sharing between the teams

Business Benefits


ACL Digital completed the development of the solution and launched it in a span of just 2 months. The mobile-first collaborative Social intranet portal experience helped to address the challenges faced by the client and delivered the following business benefits

  • Centralized Communication & better coordination among employees around the world
  • Allowed knowledge and sales tactics sharing, resulting in upgraded & enhanced performance
  • Within the first few months after the rollout, it achieved 75% user engagement
  • Allowed content sharing on the move and collaborating on projects
  • Designed to manage content for interaction, distribution, and delivery with a high degree of flexibility, modularity, and customization
Outcome-Enterprise Social Intranet Portal