Developed an Integrated Virtual Care Platform for a Leading Healthcare Provider in the US




Product Engineering



The client is one of the leading healthcare companies in the US focused on developing a complete virtual care ecosystem connecting the care teams for a better life. The company is progressing with person-centric virtual care through easy, intelligent, comprehensive digital solutions. The client wanted to develop the virtual care platform in multiple touchpoints, including web and mobile applications

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Reducing training and manual errors.png


Reducing training and manual errors

Realizing 20% cost savings by eliminating new hires.png


Realizing 20% cost savings by eliminating new hires

Eliminating lead time.png


Eliminating lead time

Improving the time to market.png


Improving the time to market








  • Better experience and ease of using apps help each person love the platform
  • Supporting multiple digital channels and enterprise application integration with different device configurations made easy with simple tools
  • Dramatically facilitated the user experience and innovation strategy and defined the design system for a better experience
  • A significant increase in patients using mobile and web applications
  • Faster time to market with a reduced cost
  • Build a solid and integrated technology backbone by provisioning the client's environment and automating build and deployment 
  • Better healthcare delivery with a modern HIPAA-compliant environment
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