Enterprise IT teams need to automate and orchestrate several tasks of standard process and spin up an environment to host a new application. Provisioning of applications and infrastructure services that require significant human intervention, result in errors and decline in productivity. For businesses to be more responsive, application delivery through microservices architecture must address the need for speed with policy driven governance, compliance, security and performance.

ACL Digital’s Multi Domain Test Orchestrator(MDTO), a workflow based automation tool, is a framework which securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys applications to datacenter, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Multi Domain Test Orchestrator manages test frameworks and,integrate multiple Test Framework environments.

  • Centralized code server and repository management
  • Continuous source code update and merge by all developers and stake holders
  • Orchestration of multiple test beds and test release
  • Automated testing, execution of unit integration and performance test scripts.
  • Automated configuration management and installation of services on servers


Multi Domain Test Orchestrator



Cloud Independent workflows

Cloud independent workflows and Service profile


Automates application deployments

Automates application deployments over private and public cloud


Infrastructure automation and

Infrastructure automation and Centralised service provisioning



SDK to manage disparate test environments

SDK to manage disparate test environments


Cross environment bursting and DR services

Cross environment bursting and DR services