ACL Digital and Workplace from Meta have joined hands to digitize the workplace and empower the global, digital and dispersed workforce with a new and adaptive work culture that’s accessible from anywhere. Workplace is easy to deploy and integrates with any other existing third-party tools you might be using to simplify processes.

As a Workplace from Meta partner, ACL Digital helps you

  • Break down silos
  • Create connected, digitized work culture
  • Learn, implement and adopt Workplace from Meta
  • Fast-track your Workplace from Meta implementation


Foster Innovation, Collaboration, and Productivity with Workplace


Workplace from Meta uses easy-to-adopt, secure and mobile-friendly features like live video
meetings, chats and groups to improve collaboration, productivity and efficiency.


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 Transform Your Business with Workplace from Meta


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Why Businesses Should Consider Workplace from Meta?

Create Immersive Content & Measure its Performance

Create Immersive Content & Measure its Performance

Workplace from Meta facilitates users with easy-to-adopt content formats to match their audience and key message. With rich experiences for “live” or “on demand” content like static information, across devices, it provides deep insights to improve comms.
Reach the Right People at the Right Time

Reach the Right People at the Right Time

As a mobile-first platform, Workplace from Meta allows access for everyone in the company, from the CEO to the frontline. By doing so, it helps the users get the right message across to the target audience and measure peoples’ responses and feedback.
Engage in a Two-Way Dialogue with Your Community

Engage in a Two-Way Dialogue with Your Community

Workplace features like automatic translations on posts and videos, groups, and community help users spread a message to build community & promote well-being, enable two-way dialogue for instant feedback and action, and keep the community safe and respectful through moderation capabilities.

Our Services

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Licensing and Procurement
ACL Digital’s Workplace experts help you with a visual blueprint of the technology roadmap to gather the right team, define the specific goals, and execute a methodical deployment plan. We also help you address your organization’s existing technologies, processes, and people need through our tried and tested Communication Plan and Business Case Assessment.

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Integration and Implementation
Our customized services and solutions support helps you quickly integrate new and existing applications. ACL Digital can integrate over 50+ cloud services - from Office 365 and G Suite to Dropbox, Salesforce and SharePoint, BOT Development, Automate Tasks - making it easier to bring employees on board, discover documents and work together.

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Training and Support
ACL Digital’s Workplace advisory and support services will help you with Change Management, Training, Workflow & Group Structure, enabling utilization of the Workplace to its full potential. Enjoy the ROI you are looking for through strong adoption and long-term retention.


Watch the webinar recording to learn how Workplace from Meta helps improve your employee experience strategy and discover the future of employee experience.


Why choose ACL Digital as your Workplace Partner?


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A trusted global Workplace partner

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10+ organisations and 50,000+ users assisted

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Experienced professionals with strategic and technical expertise

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Local teams across the globe

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ISO27001 Certified – Security being our top-most priority!


Join over 7m paying subscribers on Workplace

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